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Get connected with Asia experts through the leading expert network firm to access the latest insights in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Brainsight serves to connect companies with the leading industry and subject-matter experts. With a database of 1 million potential experts and 12,000 companies, we ensure your access to the required knowledge base you need to thrive in Asia.

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Whilst the Asia-Pacific market continues to be a promising market for investment and growth, navigating the complexities of doing business in the region can be challenging. Working with our proven track record over the last 11 years as a recruitment agency, our database of 1 million potential experts and 12,000 companies ensures your access to the required knowledge base.


Our operations span across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan.


We’ve worked with over 12,000 companies throughout the APAC region.

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We will help you to navigate the ever-changing landscape quickly, whilst ensuring you remain compliant with local laws and policies. As Asia’s leading expert network firm in Singapore, we’ll bring the market to you.

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We will help you connect with the world’s leading organisations in a trusted environment, creating a uniquely tailored experience that suits your discretion. As Asia’s trusted knowledge experts, you can shape the direction of progress by partnering with us.


Key Clients We Serve

Consulting Firms

Hedge Funds

Private Equity Firm


Research Companies

Think Tanks

Our Experts


Medical Industry in Indonesia


Hotel Industry in Indonesia

Factory Manager

Bunker Fuel Industry in Singapore

Transportation Specialist

Logistics Industry in Indonesia

Benefits of Choosing Brainsight

Income Generation

Earn income from your expertise with Brainsight!

Professional Development

New projects allows you to stay updated in your field and continue learning.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network and connect with like-minded professionals through Brainsight.

Latest News

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Brainsight by Reeracoen

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Brainsight by Reeracoen

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Leverage Brainsight’s extensive networks to swiftly and securely gain market expertise.

Our specialization lies in fostering connections with industry experts, ensuring access to unmatched insights. Join our platform to amplify your contributions and engage with leading professionals in the field.

What Makes Us Different

At Brainsight, we stand out in the industry for several key reasons:


Leveraging our extensive industry connections, Brainsight has curated a diverse network of over 1 million experts spanning the Asia-Pacific region. We proudly stand as a leading player among expert network companies. Our commitment to excellence extends to our dual role as a premier expert network and one of the most trusted market research companies in Asia. This unique positioning grants you access to top-notch expertise, enabling us to provide valuable market insights and connect you with industry specialists.

Proven Track Record of Trust

Over the past 11 years, Brainsight’s parent company, Reeracoen Group, has cultivated a robust reputation as a leading recruitment agency, garnering the trust of more than 12,000 clients. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has firmly established us as the preferred choice among expert network companies.

Resourcefulness Beyond Compare

Our team comprises dedicated and highly skilled professionals equipped with comprehensive local knowledge. They are adept at helping you navigate regional complexities, minimizing risk, and identifying growth opportunities. This resourcefulness sets us apart from other expert network companies.

Fast Access

Brainsight leverages its robust regional and local connections to expedite your access to the right specialists, knowledge, and data in the Asia-Pacific region. We ensure you receive the information you need in the shortest possible time frame, securely and efficiently.

Our Main Services

Solutions to Match Your Needs

Interview Services

BtoB Survey Services

BtoC Survey Services

Short Term Subcontract

Transcript Services

Interpreter Language Lineups

Moderation Services


As Asia-Pacific’s leading expert solution provider, we have an indelible footprint in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.









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