BLOG: Managing Cyber Risks in APAC Region

In an era where remote work has become increasingly prevalent, the need to address cyber risks has never been more critical. As organisations adapt to remote work environments, they must be vigilant in implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect their digital assets and sensitive information. This article delves into the various cyber threats faced by […]

BLOG: An Overview on Cybersecurity Threats in APAC Region

As we delve into the digital age, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region stands at the forefront of technological innovation and economic growth. However, this digital transformation comes hand in hand with an escalating risk landscape in cyberspace. Recent insights from Kaspersky highlight the anticipation of higher cybersecurity risks in 2024, with an increased frequency and intensity […]

BLOG: International Women’s Day: Celebrating APAC’s Trailblazing Women Leaders

As the world comes together to celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of women breaking barriers and making significant strides in various industries. Forbes Asia recently unveiled its 2023 Power Businesswomen list, honoring 20 outstanding female leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. These trailblazers have not only shattered […]

BLOG: Evolving Polytechnics: A Conversation with Our Group CEO, Kenji Naito

In a recent article by TODAY Online, the evolution of polytechnic education in Singapore took centre stage. The publication explores the changing perceptions of polytechnics, the challenges they face, and their crucial role in emphasizing skills over grades. Notably, our Group CEO, Mr. Kenji Naito, shared valuable insights on the growing significance of practical abilities […]

BLOG: How Singapore’s Manufacturing Trends 2024 Impacts APAC

Singapore’s Manufacturing 2030 initiative is not just a visionary concept but a tangible force propelling the country’s industrial landscape into a new era. Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong recently shared that the initiative, launched last year, has been making substantial progress, with the sector growing by an impressive 13%. This growth is […]

BLOG: AI Rising in Manufacturing Industry (APAC)

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, Asia Pacific (APAC) stands as a pivotal hub, contributing approximately 48.5% to the global manufacturing output. The region is on the brink of a transformative journey, fueled by a well-established manufacturing ecosystem and unwavering government support. As spending in the artificial intelligence (AI) market is projected to soar to […]

BLOG: An Insight on CPF Changes in Singapore 2024

As we step into the year 2024, Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) undergoes significant changes, reshaping the financial landscape for both citizens and employers. In this article, we’ll explore the implications of these changes, with a particular focus on the closure of CPF accounts for non-Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs), increased interest rates, higher […]

BLOG: Top 8 Strategies for Recruiting Women With Potential

On this International Women’s Day, it’s essential to reflect on the progress and challenges in achieving gender diversity in the workplace. Despite leaders expressing their commitment to gender equality, the reality is that many women continue to be underrepresented at all levels of organisations. Drawing insights from a comprehensive study by LinkedIn and various initiatives […]

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