About Us

Unlock Your Potential with Brainsight: Your Partner for Success

Who We Are

Welcome to Brainsight, your reliable partner in the Asia Pacific expert network arena. Our mission is to expedite your business growth by linking you with industry and subject-matter experts, enabling you to flourish in the fiercely competitive market of today.

What Is an Expert Network?

An expert network serves as a specialized platform connecting businesses, such as yours, with seasoned experts who boast profound knowledge and expertise across a multitude of domains. These experts, frequently referred to as industry specialists or subject-matter experts, provide priceless insights and guidance to organizations striving to make informed decisions and successfully navigate intricate industries.

At Brainsight, we transcend the ordinary notion of an expert network. We are your portal to a realm of expertise, assuring you of swift and secure access to the most up-to-date market insights.

With Brainsight, we don’t just bring you to the market; we bring the market to you.

What Makes Us Different

At Brainsight, we stand out in the industry for several key reasons:


Leveraging our extensive industry connections, Brainsight has curated a diverse network of over 1 million experts spanning the Asia-Pacific region. We proudly stand as a leading player among expert network companies. 

Our commitment to excellence extends to our dual role as a premier expert network and one of the most trusted market research companies in Asia. This unique positioning grants you access to top-notch expertise, enabling us to provide valuable market insights and connect you with industry specialists.

Proven Track Record of Trust

Over the past 11 years, Brainsight’s parent company, Reeracoen Group, has cultivated a robust reputation as a leading recruitment agency, garnering the trust of more than 12,000 clients. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has firmly established us as the preferred choice among expert network companies.

Resourcefulness Beyond Compare

Our team comprises dedicated and highly skilled professionals equipped with comprehensive local knowledge. They are adept at helping you navigate regional complexities, minimizing risk, and identifying growth opportunities. This resourcefulness sets us apart from other expert network companies.

Fast Access

Brainsight leverages its robust regional and local connections to expedite your access to the right specialists, knowledge, and data in the Asia-Pacific region. We ensure you receive the information you need in the shortest possible time frame, securely and efficiently.

See how our Expert Network Platform can help you make decisions with greater conviction.

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