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BLOG: Fueling Progress: The Vital Role of Expert Networks in Shaping APAC’s Oil & Gas Industry

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region stands at the forefront of global oil production, with significant contributions from key players such as China and India. As the dynamics of the oil and gas industry continue to shape the economic landscapes of nations like Malaysia, the role of expert networks becomes increasingly pivotal. In this blog article, we explore how expert networks are instrumental in navigating and optimizing the complexities of the oil and gas sector in the APAC market.


Malaysia: Petronas and Beyond:

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia plays a key role in the APAC oil and gas narrative. The iconic Petronas, a government-owned oil and gas giant, not only lends its name to Kuala Lumpur’s iconic twin towers but also holds the distinction of being the most valuable brand in Malaysia, boasting a brand value exceeding 13 billion U.S. dollars.


The oil and gas industry’s importance in Malaysia extends beyond branding; it contributes around eight percent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). This economic significance underscores the need for strategic insights and expert guidance to ensure sustainable growth and efficient operations.


China: A Powerhouse in Oil Production:

In 2022, China solidified its position as the largest oil producer in the Asia-Pacific region, churning out a staggering 4 million barrels per day. This dominance in oil production not only underscores China’s economic might but also highlights the strategic importance of the oil and gas sector in the region.


India’s Growing Impact:

Following closely behind, India emerged as the second-largest oil producer in APAC in 2022, with a daily production of 737 thousand barrels. As India continues its trajectory of economic growth, the significance of its contributions to the regional oil and gas landscape cannot be understated.


The Role of Expert Networks:

As the oil and gas industry in APAC continues to evolve, expert networks like Brainsight play a crucial role in providing specialized knowledge, strategic insights, and innovative solutions. These networks connect industry experts with companies seeking to navigate the intricacies of the oil and gas sector, offering tailored guidance that goes beyond conventional approaches.


Optimizing Operations and Sustainability:

Expert networks aid oil and gas companies in optimizing their operations, improving efficiency, and strategically positioning themselves in the competitive market. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, these networks become instrumental in helping companies align with environmental goals, regulatory standards, and industry best practices.



In the ever-changing landscape of APAC’s oil and gas industry, expert networks emerge as catalysts for progress and sustainability. Whether it’s harnessing the potential of oil production giants like China and India or navigating the economic significance of players like Petronas in Malaysia, expert networks provide the industry with the tools and insights needed to thrive.


As the APAC region continues to be a powerhouse in global oil production, the collaboration between oil and gas companies and expert networks becomes indispensable. Together, they forge a path toward a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient oil and gas industry that not only fuels economic growth but also embraces the challenges of the future.


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