BLOG: MBTI Training for Your Employees

Have you considered sending your employees for interactive Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops? Heavily influenced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, the MBTI is a popular personality assessment. It is not only widely used as a vehicle of personal growth but also as an invaluable tool in the corporate world. Reeracoen’s MBTI […]

BLOG: Barriers to Leadership Development: How to Overcome Them

People are an organization’s most valuable asset—especially leaders! The highest calling of your leaders is to unlock and leverage the full potential of every employee. Have you been investing in your leaders? Benefits of Leadership Development There is no doubt that leadership development is extremely vital for your company’s success. It is shown that companies […]

BLOG: Up Close and Personal with Reeracoen’s Group CEO: Mr. Kenji Naito

Mr. Kenji Naito is the Group CEO of Brainsight’s parent company Reeracoen Group, an award-winning staffing and recruitment agency that connects companies who are seeking talents with high-calibre candidates. Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 17 years across Asia, Mr. Naito brings with him a wealth of experience along with his expertise. Reeracoen’s […]