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Brainsight by Reeracoen possesses over a decade of extensive experience within the APAC region, serving as a reputable entity. Our established presence spans more than ten years, during which we have successfully engaged with a substantial network of over one million seasoned professionals, predominantly concentrated within the dynamic ASEAN regions.

 Key Clients We Serve:

Consumer/Enterprise Goods & Services
Healthcare & biotechnology
Financial services
Professional & Business Services
Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Energy & Industrials

 Key Clients We Serve:

Consulting Firms

Brainsight offers expert advice and solutions to businesses and organizations facing complex challenges. Comprising teams of specialized professionals, we provide strategic insights, data-driven recommendations, and actionable plans tailored to their clients’ needs.

Hedge Funds

Brainsight adeptly navigating hedge funds, expertly balances investment strategies, optimizing returns, and managing risk. With skilled professionals and analytical prowess, we guide investors through intricate financial landscapes, driving growth while safeguarding assets.

Private Equity Firms

We specialize in collaborating with private equity firms, offering tailored financial solutions that amplify deal success. With keen market insights and expert analysis, Brainsight facilitates strategic decisions, optimizing investments and fostering sustainable growth within the private equity landscape.


Brainsight is a trusted partner for corporate clients, delivering customized solutions that enhance operational efficiency and strategic outcomes. Through insightful consultation and innovative approaches, we empower businesses to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success.

Research Companies

Brainsight excels in comprehensive company research, providing actionable insights that inform critical decisions. With meticulous analysis and data-driven approaches, we equip clients with a deep understanding of market trends, competition, and opportunities, enabling strategic growth and competitive advantage.

Think Tanks

A premier think tank, Brainsight is a hub of intellectual innovation. Through rigorous research and expert analysis, we generate transformative ideas and policy solutions for pressing global challenges, influencing decision-makers and fostering positive societal change.


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