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Brainsight requires ALL EXPERTS who have registered from our platform to go through Expert Compliance Training in order to
・Protect the privacy and confidentiality of each expert
・Protect the confidentiality of all our clients
・Understand clearly about the information that can and cannot be shared during consultations.

Please proceed and answer the six questions below to verify your understanding of the training
Questionaires 1: Conflict of interest

Q(i): Can an expert have interviews with clients is the competitor of the company the expert currently works for?

Q(ii): Can an expert have interviews with clients whose end-client is in the same industry as a company the expert currently works for?

Questionaires 2: Confidentiality

Q(i): Can an expert disclose any information he/she acquired during the course of consultation about the nature or details of projects or business activities of clients to anyone?

Q(ii): When given the assurance that information disclosed during consultation will only be used within the client, can an expert share confidential information the client is asking for?

Questionaires 3: Anti-Corruption

Q: Can an expert who is (or was) a government official have an interview with a client to discuss government policies that are not yet made public, and could potentially influence the client’s industry?

Questionaires 4: Anti-bribery

Q: Can an expert provide confidential information of a specific company (such as financial reports or strategic plans) to a client in exchange of employment opportunity at the client’s firm?

Questionaires 5: Material, nonpublic information (MNPI)

Q: Can an expert provide information about his/her company that is not yet disclosed to the public and which could also have an impact on its share price to a client?

Q(ii): Can an expert use information gained during consultations to trade securities or make investment decisions?

Questionaires 6: Limitation on professional advice

Q: Can an expert give clients professional advices regarding laws, tax or administrative procedure?

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