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BLOG: Reeracoen Shares Insights on Singapore’s Budget 2024

In a recent feature in TODAY, one of Singapore’s leading newspapers, Reeracoen and our Group CEO, Mr. Kenji Naito, had the privilege of sharing insights on the latest developments in Singapore’s Budget 2024. Our article serves as a summary of the key highlights from the TODAY feature, shedding light on the impactful measures introduced to bolster skills upgrading and career advancement in the country.


Empowering Mid-Career Professionals: A Strategic Boost in SkillsFuture Credits

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s announcement of a S$4,000 top-up in SkillsFuture credits for Singaporeans aged 40 and above marks a significant shift towards targeted support for skills development. Unlike the previous S$500 credits, this allocation is strategically aimed at selected training programs with better employability outcomes. Our Group CEO, Mr Kenji Naito, emphasized the potential impact of this initiative on mid-career professionals navigating a rapidly evolving job market.


Nurturing Talent: Support for ITE Graduates

Budget 2024 also extends support to ITE graduates below the age of 30, with a S$5,000 top-up to their Post-Secondary Education Account upon enrolling in diploma programs. This comprehensive approach to talent development includes an additional S$10,000 top-up to their CPF Ordinary Account upon diploma completion, reflecting a commitment to lifelong learning and career progression.


Incentivizing Skills Development: Monthly Training Allowance

The introduction of a monthly training allowance of up to S$3,000 for individuals pursuing full-time courses is poised to enhance participation in skills development programs. This financial support not only addresses the financial barriers associated with upskilling but also incentivizes education providers to offer accessible and affordable training options.


Looking Ahead: Driving Meaningful Change

While the efficacy of these measures is contingent on various factors, including industry dynamics and employer readiness, there is optimism regarding their potential to drive meaningful change. Clear guidance and strategic alignment with emerging skill demands are crucial to the success of these initiatives.


Championing Talent Development for a Dynamic Future

Reeracoen’s feature in TODAY underscores our commitment to championing initiatives that drive positive change and empower individuals to unlock their full potential in the ever-evolving job market. We remain dedicated to leveraging our expertise to support Singapore’s vision of becoming a dynamic and future-ready economy, where talent development and lifelong learning are cornerstones of success.


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