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BLOG: Up Close and Personal with Reeracoen’s Group CEO: Mr. Kenji Naito

Mr. Kenji Naito is the Group CEO of Brainsight’s parent company Reeracoen Group, an award-winning staffing and recruitment agency that connects companies who are seeking talents with high-calibre candidates. Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 17 years across Asia, Mr. Naito brings with him a wealth of experience along with his expertise.

Reeracoen’s Management Gasshuku

How Reeracoen Came About


Mr. Naito always had a vision to create a recruitment firm that conveys a better impression of recruiters. He is also spurred by his belief that he can affect lives by helping individuals find better jobs, thus enabling them to provide their families with better lives. Hence, he decided to join the start-up of Reeracoen Malaysia alongside a few colleagues with the mission to “Create a wonderful future with those pursuing happiness.”.


Using the best practices from Reeracoen Malaysia, he effectively accelerated and expanded Reeracoen’s recruitment services across the region. Under his good stewardship, he unified all branches under “One Reeracoen” ensuring one united value system, thinking and mission.

Corporate Photo of Reeracoen Singapore’s Team

The Reeracoen Way


The Reeracoen Way consists of 6 values:

  1. I’m Here For You
  2. Respect Each Other
  3. Positive Influence
  4. Be Professional
  5. Chance, Challenge, Change!
  6. Never Never Give Up, Do For The Best!

Mr. Naito exemplifies The Reeracoen Way by always being there to support his clients whenever they need his help or have any queries. He believes in giving his best to his clients to “create a wonderful future with those pursuing happiness”, which is also Reeracoen’s mission.

Mr. Kenji Naito at Reeracoen Singapore’s Kick-Off Meeting

Mr. Naito always speaks respectfully to both his clients and his staff, and he has a positive influence on everyone around him as his management style is servant leadership, hence he always leads by example. Naito frequently organises CSR activities and would always join his staff in doing their part for the environment. He is a leader who constantly motivates and shows his appreciation to his staff which makes them respect him even more.

Mr. Kenji Naito picking up litter at the recent World Cup event
Mr. Kenji Naito picking up litter with his family

His Core Values

Mr. Naito believes in the saying, “the greatest risk is standing still” because he believes that by staying put, one runs the risk of falling behind others. He also believes that “every experience is a wonderful gift” because there would always be something to learn that would help us to grow in life.

As a strong advocate for saving the environment, Mr. Naito also champions behind causes that protect the environment. Besides volunteering his free time to pick litter off the streets, Mr. Naito would try to come up with ways of going green and encouraging others to do the same. Hence, he will be kickstarting “For the Earth” project in Reeracoen to give out specially curated metal straws to clients, thus reducing the use of plastic straws. This aids in strengthening our client relationships and doing our part for environmental conservation. He would like to be executed by all the branches in Reeracoen.


Mr. Kenji Naito’s Annual Visit to CMSP

Giving Back to the Community


When Mr. Naito is not working, he makes time for things that matter to him. Being compassionate since young and having a soft spot for underprivileged children, he established his non-governmental organisation (NGO) called “Plus One” in 2003. Their aim is to raise funds to support the children living in villages in the Philippines. Every year, they organise various charity events in Japan and donate the proceeds to Christian Mission Service Philippines (CMSP). CMSP is a child-caring organisation that provides holistic development services for the Filipino child. 


Since then, the organisation has expanded and they have extended their help to Kursa Lilliei, an orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Apart from providing financial help to the children in the Philippines and Cambodia, they would organise a yearly trip to both places so they can provide emotional support to the children there.

Under Mr. Naito’s guidance, Brainsight excels in connecting companies with seasoned experts to provide them with valuable information and insights. If you’re keen on engaging with our expert professionals to drive success and growth, please complete our Inquiry Form. Our dedicated and highly skilled team will reach out to you promptly.


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